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Dear SpeedPal Customer,

SpeedPal Broadband wants you to know that we appreciate you as a subscriber and we are always looking for opportunities to significantly improve our services. We will be upgrading the services that we provide to you during the months of October and November 2010.

Here are some of the new features that you’ll enjoy:

  • An updated home page where you can access the most current world and local news, weather, financial tips, and entertainment.
  • A new online payment center with account management features.
  • Expanded nationwide dial-up access, complete with dial-up search. Great for traveling or as a backup internet option.
  • Paperless Billing option.
  • eCheck payment option.
  • We’re instituting a new referral program where you can earn a FREE month of Internet access for every friend you send our way. Send 12 friends and get a year’s worth of Internet service FREE!

Our network will be going through a complete upgrade through the month of November to increase speeds and connectivity. We do no expect any outages during this upgrade but will be sending out notices via email should we determine one will occur. We look forward to bringing our customers outstanding reliable service.

In an effort to optimize billing and payments and maintain our competitive pricing while upgrading our services, your next bill will be sent by email to the account we have on file for you. If your email account has changed or you have not provided us with one please contact us at (503) 383-1350 to update your account. If you would still like to receive your bill by mail please call us to arrange this option.

If you currently pay your bill using our automatic credit card billing system, a representative will be contacting you to update your credit card information for our new billing system.

We will also be issuing you a username and password to log into your account from our website. Your current username and password will both be your SpeedPal account number. Please enter this account number in the username and password fields. For your security once you have logged on for the first time you will have an option to change your password.

Thank you for your business and we look forward to continuing to provide you with great internet at an affordable price.

Mark Gloy
SpeedPal Broadband, Inc.

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Choosing a High Speed Internet provider can be confusing

What is available in my area?

What is better Wireless, Cable, Satellite, DSL, Dial Up?

What is the cost?

How does it work?

Why is High speed better?

These are just some of the questions we help answer at SpeedPal .
We offer the best service available in your area with one call we can help you find the HIGH speed internet option that works best for you.

Take the confusion out of the internet and take our 3 minute survey and we will give you a list of your available options with a SpeedPal   service recommendation within 12 hours!

Low Cost Wireless Solutions

Wireless Solutions is a program designed to help our customers in need of high speed internet in their home.

Wireless Internet combines the mobility of cell phones with the constant connection of DSL.
Data transfers via microwave broadcast from our main tower on Prospect Hill in South Salem and many other hybrid sights that provide connection in and around surrounding cities.

Phone lines are bypassed completely, with Wireless High Speed Internet allowing you to use your phone while connected to wireless broadband internet.

If you live in a rural area and need High Speed internet access, our Wireless Solutions is your best and sometimes only option.

Click Here for pricing packages!

Call SpeedPal  Today!! 503-383-1350

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